Let’s Begin:

Experience has taught us that a painting purchase is a deeply personal and often emotional act. It is to enter a relationship. It might surprise you (or not) to know that, for an artist, selling a painting is also a deeply personal and often emotional act. It is to enter a relationship. We find great delight when the paintings find homes with people who love them. So, if you love one of these paintings, contact us. Let’s begin the relationship. If you are a gallery and are interested in representing David’s work, contact us.

A Few Things To Know About How We Work:

You might have noticed that many of the larger canvases – not all – are raw (unstretched and/or unframed). They will come to you that way because we’ve learned that:  1) It is much less expensive for you if the painting comes rolled in a tube. The cost of stretching and framing on your end will be far less than if we do the finish work and you pay for shipping a very large crate to you .  2) Customizing a painting for your space should involve you in the process of framing it. We are happy to help you find framers in your area and give some guidance/opinions about what frames might work best for you. Remember, it’s a relationship.  It’s interactive.



Fine Art Prints And Other Stuff:

Every Thursday through our studio melange, Kerri selects as “morsel” of a painting that we make available on Society6.com as fine art prints, wall art, and a variety of other products (cards, pillows, tote bags, computer cases, etc.)  Go here to see what’s available.