The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense. ~Pablo Picasso

I’ve rarely been accused of having good sense. Now you know the secret of my abundant creative output and the reason why I have no more space in my studio. Lack of space is a close second on the list of creative enemies. I can’t move. I can’t breathe.

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. ~Vincent Van Gogh

The No Sense No Space Sale. If my studio was an appliance store this would be a floor clearance. I feel a new wave rising and my heart, soul and easel need some space. For each piece we’ve posted a minimum offer next to the original list price. Be the first to meet the minimum and the painting is yours. Feel free to offer more if you are able.  Contact us to get started. The Sale runs through Dec. 20.


Let’s Begin:

Experience has taught us that a painting purchase is a deeply personal and often emotional act. It is to enter a relationship. It might surprise you (or not) to know that, for an artist, selling a painting is also a deeply personal and often emotional act. It is to enter a relationship. We find great delight when the paintings find homes with people who love them. So, if you love one of these paintings, contact us. Let’s begin the relationship. If you are a gallery and are interested in representing David’s work, contact us.

A Few Things To Know About How We Work:

You might have noticed that many of the larger canvases – not all – are raw (unstretched and/or unframed). They will come to you that way because we’ve learned that:  1) It is much less expensive for you if the painting comes rolled in a tube. The cost of stretching and framing on your end will be far less than if we do the finish work and you pay for shipping a very large crate to you .  2) Customizing a painting for your space should involve you in the process of framing it. We are happy to help you find framers in your area and give some guidance/opinions about what frames might work best for you. Remember, it’s a relationship.  It’s interactive.



Fine Art Prints And Other Stuff:

Every Thursday through our studio melange, Kerri selects as “morsel” of a painting that we make available on as fine art prints, wall art, and a variety of other products (cards, pillows, tote bags, computer cases, etc.)  Go here to see what’s available.