“The older I get, the simpler this kind of statement becomes.

For me, painting is elemental.
It belongs in the category of basic drives, like hunger.
As such, it is an intrinsically subliminal thing
so it’s hard to approach through language.

I believe an artist paints or an actor acts to transcend themselves,
to enter into a universal space,
the place where beauty is understood,
meaning is made
and experience is shared.

I believe art lovers and audiences seek and engage with art for the same reason.”


David Robinson is a visual and theatre artist. His paintings are in collections throughout the United States. He has been a consultant, master coach, leader of organizations, and whatever else his visionary spirit has concocted. He lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin with his wife, recording and performing artist Kerri Sherwood, their crazy Aussie dog DogDog, and very large cat (also brilliantly named) BabyCat. David and Kerri are collaborating on multiple projects through their studio melange. To find out more about their work, visit kerrianddavid.com